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It is important to Gerhard and Cornelia Linder to help through grace to strengthen people in their new identity in Christ.


They are also very concerned about the emotional and physical healing of their fellow human beings.

Gerhard and Cornelia are parents of three adult children, as well as two grandparents and have been running a horticultural (gardening) business for eleven years.

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Dates in July

Saturday 9.07. 6 p.m.:
house churches

Saturday 16.07. 6 p.m.:
house churches

Saturday 29.07. 6 p.m.:
house churches

Excursion to Marul...


Mrs. K. from Mäder had problems with her pancreas. She could only eat if she took pills to match the calories (fat).

After she gave her life to Jesus and was prayed for, God healed her. Now she tolerates all food again, schnitzel & fries, or pizza, etc.


Thank you Jesus.

Ausflug nach Marul...

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