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Please send donations to: Dornbirner Sparkasse Bank AG

Account number: 00001-016591 Bank code: 20602

International bank account number IBAN: AT652060200001016591

Bank identifier code BIC: DOSPAT2DXXX

Or donate directly via Paypal or Debitcard:

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A few words in regard to donations:


With your faith and your financial support you help us to bring the gospel to people.

(Mark 16, 15-18)

With joy and fruit

Cheerful hearts of donors release the blessings of heaven above the church of Christ. And so we believe that every seed that is planted in this Christian work will sprout and bear abundant fruit for the giver.

(Phil. 4, 14-17)

Thanks and blessings

Thank you for your prayers, your trust, your loyalty and that you have decided to support our ministry. We believe that God will richly reward the faithful giver and so we speak of God's blessings on you and all of your home.

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